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Romantic dreams zodiac signs

2017-08-17 00:00:00

ARIES man. dream of seeing a beloved hot temper and determination. At the same time it should be open and sincere, with a well-developed sense of humor and a sense of duty. Demands absolute loy alty. Particular attention he makes to external data darling: dark hair, deep eyes, full, sensual lips, medium height, feminine form.

ARIES-woman. I wish that next was a real knight who should emphasize the critical favorite, in any situation to substitute his shoulder. Externally it is that hair color does not matter, but above-average growth and Athletic are required.

Taurus man. Dreaming of a woman capable of easily create a pleasant emotional situation and to distinguish good culinary skills, which is fully shared his tastes. She has a calm, balanced character, reliability and a certain degree of conservatism, intelligent and responsible.

romantic dreams zodiac signs Taurus woman. All my life looking for "forever young" man, who fifty will behave like a boy-rebel. Every day he lived together for her turn into a celebration. Even at home, they do not miss: exotic dish to cook and wash dishes-do everything together. In short, it`s-resourceful, enterprising fellow, wanted to make his woman happy.

TWIN-man. His ideal woman-generous, friendly, impartial, erudition. Able to see around the beautiful. Never will impose their society. Does not allow "showdown" with shouts and smashing crockery. Interested in music, painting, dancing. Has a good education and intelligence. Slender and fragile brunette with rapid gait.

TWIN-woman. prefer to see next to a man with a strong character, able to keep their emotions under control. In it, she sees a reliable faithful companion, next to which you can easily do housework, child rearing, or simply art: draw pictures, sculpt statues, plant flowers.

Cancer man. Dreaming of a woman capable of being fully altruistka to be content with little, and give yourself entirely. Typically, this blonde of medium height with light eyes and "mermaid" hair. All her life she will provide a delicious lunch favorite, clean shirts and handkerchiefs, a thousand times a day to repeat its uniqueness and irreplaceability.

Cancer-woman. are used to keep the situation under control and wants to see next to a complaisant gentleman intelligent appearance, with high intelligence and high degree of integrity. On passing fad and petty quarrel here is not out of the question-it will not allow themselves to go down to that level. Appreciates the virtues of his partner and pays him an exceptional loy alty and trust.

Leo man. Ideal for him-gay adventurer, are fond of traveling, children and general courtesies. And jealousy, there is no place-on the contrary, he is proud of his companion, radiating an infectious smile, and absolutely sure of her devotion. She never let him get bored, because every situation is easy to find out and tell his wife the right decision.

Lion zhenshina. I consider it my ideal man able to appreciate her natural talents. It should be active, resourceful and optimistic, provide his "lioness" homeliness and children surround special care and attention. One of the main items for her-to feel complete unity with a partner.

Virgo man. His dream has a mild, sweet temper, full of personality development. Monitor the cleanliness of the house and relations, accurate and pedantic. She will think ten times, and once to answer. Her hands are small, with delicate skin, can drive him crazy. This woman is fluent in sign language. By the look, turning your head is able to determine that the soul of a loved one. Words are unnecessary in this case.

Virgo woman. Above all appreciates tenderness, sensitivity and kindness. Therefore, it is masculine ideal of chivalry different qualities. He-attentive, caring, continually tells her gentle words, makes touching gifts in the form of a bouquet of wild flowers or cute puppy. In any situation tends to emphasize her femininity and elegance of nature.

Libra man. Looking for a woman, capable of satisfying all his spiritual and physical needs. Great family man, but it is extremely important acts of the fact that all members of the family recognized his authority, the spoken word was considered law. Instead, it will provide tender care, and in critical situations become a reliable support.

Scale woman. It is attracted to men with good looks and piercing eyes. Masculine ideal in this case should have excellent knowledge of their emotions, possess high intelligence and good taste. She will always give your heart to someone who will always maintain its confidence in the exclusively and features and words, and actions.

Scorpio man. His woman-confident, courageous and energetic. She is able to stand up for their rights and resist anyone who would encroach on her personal interests or affect the honor partner. "Fighting lady" leads him into raptures, and although he did not a coward, he is ready to cede her around. Has an excellent insight into the intimate terms and feels fine, you need a partner.

SCORPIO-woman. clearly aware of their purpose in life and is ready to follow them to the end, but only if there is one man, of whom she had dreamed. This "passionate macho" should occupy a high position in society, in any situation have its original opinion, be flexible and sociable. Otherwise the world for her so joyless that smile on your face will seem miraculous. Sooner or later, "a" man meets on her way, and then it all out in the family and at work.

Sagittarius man. Prefers generous and kind-hearted women. Appreciates her justice, sincerity and self-restraint and sets her main priorities: children, kitchen, church. It must be skillful lover, caring mother and economical mistress, although the most in the world likes to have fun. Her physical parameters should be as close to the standard 90x60x90. romantic dreams zodiac signs

SAGITTARIUS-woman. For her there is good value as its exterior and interior. Looking for the right combination of masculine appearance and soul long enough. Brunette of average height or the same blonde is quite satisfied. The main thing-that she always felt his unconditional devotion.

Capricorn man. will become intimate with a woman, able to understand his sensual-tour. Usually fiancee-respectable, stable, calm and cautious, honors family traditions and all have their own judgments. By the marriage of such a man preparing for a long time, develops all the details. And the wife can be sure of its reliability.

Capricorn woman. His many fans she keeps at a distance. Partner should respect her desire to be independent. Prefers serious men capable of family material and spiritual comfort. Sometimes the woman is shy and romantic, but carefully hides it. Most of all she wants to avoid an awkward situation.

AQUARIUS man. He needs a wife-inspirer, which will periodically pull it out of laziness attacks, to protect from the daily routine. In short, every day becomes a celebration. In difficult moments, he feels insecure, but it`s worth it just to feel the support of his companion, and he was full of serenity and enthusiasm.

AQUARIUS-woman. Charming and makes their fans with an experience the whole gamut of emotions. Frequent changes of mood variability views-all this one enthralls and makes even faster "chase his dream" and other forces to retreat. She is looking for a faithful companion, loves elegant, handsome men.

Fish man. has a very subtle intuition, humanity and outward calm. Appreciates women who always know how to control your emotions, generous, fair and sincere. Chooses a partner for a long time, but their choice is almost always true. Appreciates femininity, love of art and nature.

Fish Woman. I dream that beloved man was much older and had created for her special world of coziness, comfort and luxury. Prefers cheerful, enterprising men, intelligent and strong, ready to sacrifice, not alien to art and literature.

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