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Compatibility of Libra with other signs of the zodiac

2017-12-25 00:00:00

Libra and Aries:
Here Aries meets with its antipode of the zodiac. Despite the fact that both partners in their spiritual temperament are different, they have there are contradictions in many areas of life, they often marry. Aries pulls outward beauty of Libra, and Libra-courage, determination and fighting spirit of Aries. This union has the right to life, if Aries will not attack, attack, bend and bend partner for themselves, and Libra will not try anywhere and everywhere to make "harmony", all smooth and level. If there will operate the principles of "democracy" and "equality", this union can be quite tolerable.

Here special comments are not needed. Despite the fact that they have a very great similarity and a lot in common, but the long marriage between them is impossible because of the completely opposite principles of life.

Libra and Gemini:
compatibility weights with other signs of the Zodiac The marriage union between them often ends in divorce and separations. In addition, very often there are fatal separation of different nature. This alliance combines intelligence and feelings, and the joint experience of the ability to love is born, flatter and the art of living.
Twins every day on a silver tray Libra bring their brilliant ideas, and Libra have poured them into shape. The best in this alliance is a mutual ability to rejoice together, have fun, have fun and enjoy both love parties and companies, jokes, humor and satire, the world of art.
Both partners can not stand to be alone, which is their worst enemy, and that he tried to get rid of possible early and quickly-marriage or marriage.
Balance work hard, but to keep a "bird of paradise" as a twin to keep in his cage and costly. Moreover, in order not to anger his master or mistress, each twin must be well to examine all the distinctive features of the partner. Firstly, Libra are trying hard to please everyone. With an innate beauty and good taste in everything, they perfectly know how to spend money, as Gemini should always remember. Second, Libra love and want to be accepted and loved, so that they always praised and flattered them. If all that is holy is observed, this marriage will last even for several years, and even more.

Libra and Cancer:
This marriage is always problematic and often ends in divorce. Here suffer both partners. In the initial period of courtship Cancer conquering outer beauty and behavior of Libra, their politeness and courtesy. But then, after the main peak of courtship passed, the cancer begins to understand that it is-the usual bait for the next victim.
If the cancer is living his inner world, Libra prefer fun and entertainment companies in the secular. Addictive and adaptability to this union should cares and troubles are not less than the "small car and truck." Lack of patience, goodwill often dulls the senses and interfere with understanding. The result-divorce and separation.

Libra and Leo:
This marriage statistics lowest divorce rate. Interest in each other arises from the very first meeting. Perhaps that is why their life together, as during courtship, and after him, full of joy and happiness, warmth and understanding. Partners to quickly and easily get used to each other, tied together and are on the rise.
Unless Leo will be sufficient to fund and encourage your partner financially from the sign of Libra, their house will always be a place of joy and love.
In this union Libra constantly have to take care of their external beauty and attractiveness, not to lose their festive face. They should always be willing to express their admiration and Leo, to seduce him, using all known auxiliary means.
If Leo lucky and he got a big name, high reward or important title, appreciation from the public, Libra sure to put it in the proper gilt frame will look after him and see to it that both the Lion and the frame is in perfect condition .
True Leo for some time will disturb the old fans and fans of weights that would be difficult even after marriage to dispense with hymns of praise and love harassment former admirers. In addition, his partner of Libra Leo will have to be accustomed to the daily, everyday work-not an easy task, because Libra is usually physical work, overvoltage fear more than the devil incense, Deeply convinced that created just for fun and pleasure, for fun, but-not to work. But over time, the Lions still manages to change the situation. Marriage becomes a "second wind", married life is getting better and brings relevant useful fruit.

Libra and Virgo:
This marriage is doomed to failure. It breaks down mainly due to criticism of the Virgin in the address of your partner. An important role in this play and a strong self-interest of both. The best version of this alliance-cooperation, co-authorship, business partnership, but only in such areas and areas where both sides are equally interested.

Scales and LIBRA:
Marriage between partners is usually doomed to failure, mainly because of the fatal blows and vicissitudes of life. The most characteristic of this cultural union-a sophisticated, refined communication between partners, as well as their claims to the life, the love of the beautiful, elegant, expensive things.
Sign Libra has always symbolized the ability to live and work, as well as the ability to spend money and enjoy all the pleasures of life. And if you enjoy no matter what? How to be then? The physical and "black" work on any tedious work they both refuse categorically. It does not help either civilized life, no cultural life, nor diplomatic talent, which in some cases could create the basis for a happy family life.

Libra and Scorpio:
This alliance of large trials of life. But since there are two of excellent diplomat, it all depends on who gets outwit.
Most often, the harmony in this alliance is crumbling because of stubbornness and transverse Scorpio. Scorpios love to educate their partners in love and marriage, and in the case-too. A claim to Libra and they are big, and fair. Libra often "invited" to the spiritual conversation, where a cup of coffee they have to listen to the transfer of their mistakes-from the cradle to the last day. From these "conversations" The balance can not recover for a long time.
Scorpio-a very difficult type of whole life, do not remove the mask. Here with hand weights require more vigilance and caution, because flammable feelings Scorpio trifled with. In this marriage all can be folded safely even if the balance in a timely manner will realize that they can cope with Scorpio and understand how it should be done. Scorpio can fight, but only in a good and his own weapon-the cunning and craftiness-against the cunning and guile. But so that he did not suspect the fight.
Marriage between male Libra and Scorpio woman has less problematic. Here almost all depend on the weight. And if men are Libra partners knights, one can speak of a long and harmonious marriage.

Libra and Sagittarius:
Between them can develop a strong and happy marriage, but only if this mutual love. Then drop out any difficulties at all.
There are no domestic wars, even local character, as partners understand each other perfectly, and small sins do not pay any attention. In addition, there is no male Sagittarius, Libra woman who could not enchant and happy. And for men, the most expensive Libra win over female Sagittarius. But still the best option, where he-Sagittarius, and she-Libra. In these cases, they both reflect and general plans, and social recovery program, their future.

Libra and Capricorn:
Marriage between them is usually fragile and trouble. Here, even the companionship-a rarity.
Difficulties are usually the result of too much difference in temperament, character traits and outlook on life. This marriage in which there is no flame oath, gentle caresses and unforgettable moonlit nights. More viable option that union if Libra-women well past forty or fifty years, when they are no longer concerned with erotic-sexual side of life when possible joint views towards we alth and software.
In most cases, after widowhood Libra partner of the sign of Capricorn seems to them just perfect. When a woman Libra sees and feels that life will soon go on a sunset, that`s when she was strongly implies Capricorn elected by the horns to the registrar. And in the future in this alliance will be a practical and useful to coexist with beauty, good food and all possible cultural events.

Libra and Pisces:
On this union and say nothing. Here are observed and divorce, widowhood, and the fatal separation for various reasons. Friendship is possible, the conditions are more favorable for it, and for co-operation-a combination of excellent partners.

Libra and Aquarius:
Marriage between them proceeds more favorably if he-Libra and she-Aquarius. This is probably because they are both quite indifferent to the official wedding. Each trodden path to its left neighbor "garden", where you can quietly enjoy the forbidden fruits of paradise in the certainty that the same from his paradise will not be expelled.
Indeed, the family union proceeds without conflict and without crises. Feminine charms "Vodoleyki" difficult to resist any man and Libra-even more so. Their joint married life gives you a lot of new partners, brings excitement in their life, ideas, feelings, expanding their spiritual horizons.
In the case where the partners in a marriage is a man and a woman Aquarius Libra, this alliance may be short-lived, it is possible and divorce and separation.

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