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2017-09-11 00:00:00

Taurus: "month under oblique shines as the star burns in the forehead," What`s in love, that marriage has nothing to say, "All right!" What? Someone already compatibility zodiac sign Tried and cynically wry smile. Yes, sex is primitive, but what! And besides, they are pioneers: always ready. " Certain bovine passion combined with the ideological struggle for banknotes. Of course, with the improvisation of jazz compositions have not developed, a calf, like Sobakevich of "Dead Souls" everything in life is massive, hearty and soundly. On his broad or lush, depending on gender will be comfortable all breast "waterfowl", the suffering of love and sex, and "air", keep your nose to the wind. The smell of expensive French perfume, mingled with the smell of nourishing borscht, lured by the light of the earth and Capricorn modest but promising Dev. Here is the truth, the latest harmonious union for a long time is unlikely to survive, after extensive attempts to find the promised paradise of a calf will develop a persistent view of the virgins, "neither myself nor the people." In the constellation of fishes Venus, the planet of Taurus is ex alted, at first it will be a solid gourmet feast of the senses. Fast enough fish will understand that love the music of a calf monotonous and more like a village orchestra, symphonic than execution ... Epicurean Us Leo and Taurus will be held exclusively on the predilection for well-fed a comfortable life, Sagittarius people are not serious in understanding the Taurus, they, sharp-horned, its philosophy "We plowed!" Libra simply "dragged" from the Taurus-this is some wild marginal connection boa and rabbit. Well, with Scorpio is clear-working axis of sensuality, here tantric sex without rules. And with Aquarius? They separate conversation ...

Lively Aries never pose the question: "Am I compatible?" They come, see and take! Sometimes immediately, sometimes not, when they compatibility zodiac sign refuse to accept, they do not understand. Resentment of a little girl or a little boy passes quickly, plenty to shout, they cool. The consequences can be disastrous conquests if Aries, for example, will "build" the Twins or the Scorpions, and Capricorns and they are not "in the teeth." Who said that Aries are compatible with the Lions ?! They will not serve red, pasochki sovochki quickly and fly towards the crowned. With Sagittarius? "Cool story, but it is hard to believe": both are optimistic, but the relationship Martian and philosophically minded Centaur is equivalent to mixing the two castes: the Brahmins and Kshatriyas, military coups in such a union provided. Practice showed paradoxical things: Aries takes maternity sign Cancer and gave himself the Cosmos and love fish. Taurus can be touched for a long time antics "Baroness" a young lamb goes very well with the Imereti wine! Virgin also quite satisfied with enthusiasm and a he althy self-centeredness, her decide how profitable "dissolve" assertive other. With Aquarius separate conversation, if the two contact boyfriend, then, as if something happened ...

Mockery of nature- Gemini, I would say for certain signs is not a mockery, this mockery! Rebellious spirit Twins survive every Thou them with love, and they are to you with a question. Just like in Pushkin Gemini by the way in the compatibility zodiac sign "Onegin."

Crawfish! The proverb says: "There are no women-no tears." Cancers have the amazing power to enthrall the very bottom of the emotions of their partners and cry with them. Crayfish-enough feminized men and women converge rapidly, so that the handkerchief from case to case, they are used together. American astrologers convince us that this is one of the best partners in love and married. He compatibility zodiac sign compatible with all !! Yeah, crabs are omnivorous, but they can only live in clean water. How many people in our democratic society people squeaky clean? That provides statistics that the highest percentage of single or divorced-Children of the Moon. It is the only sign that ill "disease of love," the period of painful thoughts and mental suffering, symptoms may be expressed in forgetfulness a bit like multiple sclerosis, and senile anniversary!, Lack of sleep and appetite, why not a young lady of the 18th century? By becoming heroines Voltaire. Modern doctors, of course, can be attributed to the category of such illness psychosomatic diseases, they know better ... After the divorce and emotional turmoil Cancers age of 40 become picky and despite the classic compatibility with Taurus, will be wary of a serious offer last. Crayfish "tote" notorious, he althy sex and thick skin Taurus. No, not that they are opposed to he althy sex, they are against turning it into bytovuhu. Here Pisces and Scorpios can teach them "it" in the beautiful charming package, which will be written "I love you», however, to lift the veil of mystery scorpions, crabs shake from the inside "Negredo" past. The mixture of disgust and jealousy-eating will give this union sadomazohistkie tone. Affirmations Cancer and Scorpio may sound something like this: "Love to the grave!" Or "All or nothing!" Cool, huh? Fish will always lick the wounds, but will never be their guiding light. Hot Lions and Rams are well manipulated Cancers and at first state of love, as is customary among the luminaries Sun and Moon will produce an eclipse of reason, but then everyone has his own way, the Moon actually-satellite of the Earth, not the sun. Sagittarius and Capricorn .. they seem primitive. On your own sign they look like Taoists: without a shadow of temptation, because the Moon is reflective, it does not burn and does not heat, but only shines With smart Virgin bad crank some business, but in his personal life ?! Believe in the word Linda Goodman: "If you have not had an orgasm with the Virgin, he is not to blame, he tried!" The fact that cancers need a lot, a lot of love, and love-the notion of the divine, so they feel longing for the fallen angels ... Sometimes Aquarians can remind them of stratospheric world where they came from, but the Aquarian "Diary of a Madman" is not applicable to reality and crabs with their usual instinct of self-preservation will periodically take refuge in his house-a shell-the soul.

When we say that Lions a lot of strange things, that is an understatement. Lions-a diagnosis of the zodiac! Characteristic and expressive behavior proschityvaemo, intrusive thoughts and ideas as paranoia. However, we must give due lioness, they are inert, smaller in the compatibility zodiac sign His plans and stand firmly on their feet, in contrast to the male half which often "puts". Fans of the free item, such as a sleeping Venus Veronese, they look nice rest ... but solar activity cycles are directly related to the activity of Lviv, if luminary outbreaks, the Vesuvius wakes up ... You can see a hundred couples headed to the Lion and family conflicts to hear the add absolutely the same threat: "I`ll take you baby and I will foster good woman!" under it should be understood that a good woman-a fuzzy ideal that does not exist in real life. So did Dumas-father Leo with her children in the 19th century, so eager to come and modern lions. Their Households always enjoy the inimitable acting. The sun warms, it also gives burns. Dosed attention sultry Lviv in the form of incoming lovers a salutary and necessary for everyone, because they really love heart. Who are compatible Lions? Who can eclipse the sun? Moon! Rachiha Josephine while Leo Napoleon dictated his every whim, but we all know how it ended, eclipses do not last long and the sun shines regularly. About an equal union general it is not worth it. Aries born in the spring of Leos love, but tend to be more sensual Taurus, their forms and pensive eyes, but when faced their interests-is reminiscent of the struggle of the Titans Taurus-rapists! Gemini entertained as long as the studs will not touch crowned sarcasm if Leo tired and wants to sleep, restless better not to catch the eye. With Virgins Lions can go to some temporary strategic alliance, but it is very Virgin should rasstaralas and understand a simple truth: "Mops and rags can not be combined with tiara." Marriage is possible if Leo is rich and clever Virgo! Libra, perhaps the best partner: diplomatic, unobtrusive. Appearing in public together, immediately begin to diverge in different directions, to charm others, one bright and one charming fox and cat Alice Basilio. Both love to party. Since the Sun in Libra in the so-called fall autumn after all, the excessive solar despotism Lions dissolved in Libra energy painlessly as "water off a duck", sometimes, of course, a strong smell of perfume can cause headache, well, with whom does not happen. Capricorns frankly like Lions, a sort of love serf to his master, especially they like gifts with a "master`s shoulder," they quietly turn a blind eye to blatant pleyboystvo Lions and easy clean up their hands, all those have. Winter signs generally require hot energy crowned, they stretch and Aquarius and Pisces, sometimes for the company Archers-this is the suite, which is always there with the king. Scorpions at a royal court play the role of the Fronde: adoringly look at the forms of "king size", willing and hate at the same time. Both want to love both her killed. Aquarius love does not want to, but it`s a different story ... by the way, Russia-Aquarius and forever we the kings had any problems then, their bombs to undermine, just stupidly shot.

Greta Garbo catch phrase "I want to be alone"-the essence of Dev, but fate often otherwise provided: fame and money attract them to the Olympus Gods and sometimes by not peculiar to their pristine nature. "If the party says-it is necessary, the Komsomol her answer- compatibility zodiac sign There! "and the Virgin, executive recklessly. They thoroughly study all the weaknesses of the company and quickly understand how and what to do. They are very insecure, listen to the work of their bodies with the care with which the cat listens to the movement of the mouse. Very fotogigienichny, immaculate eye hooked on any torn or disheveled hair the button, so that the advertising smile sparkling glance Fix attract many wanting to risk fate. Precisely sharpened movements and techniques of Japanese geishas Virgo Scorpio deceive even the experienced, it subject to almost everyone except Gemini, Aquarius and Rakov. The union of two Mercurians Gemini and Virgo is rare, both quickly calculate each other, but the intellect Gemini seeks the integral, some equations with three unknowns, and intelligence Dev loves to reduce the debit with the credit ... and there`s nothing you can do about it: Malvina-Virgo and Pinocchio-Gemini is not quite what I wanted to conceive Papa Carlo, but Pierrot, the eternal sufferer-Fish that she-a virgin fit, the so-called axis of loy alty, although Pisces can not be called chaste, but tenacious hand Virgin keep them in marriage. Cancers, Virgo may seem unkind cold, unemotional, Aquarians it will not see each other. But Capricorns share her ambition and love of order, Taurus will long endure, Earth signs generally prefer to cement the relationship. Aries try it "burn" and take the form, "not that hard", but not everyone will Aries something track of this venture, Virgin they like to teach and to "build" the same story happen with Sagittarius, Virgo crowd and familiarity will not be tolerated.

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