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Poems about love Nicholas Z

2017-09-11 00:00:00


The Last Love

machine trembled and became,
Two out of room in the evening,
And on the steering wheel down wearily
Exhausted by the work of the driver.
In the distance, through the glass cockpit
Trembled constellations of lights.
An elderly passenger in clumps
Stayed with a friend of his.
And the driver through the sleepy eyelids
Suddenly noticed two strange faces,
Facing each other forever
And forgotten himself to the end.
Two hazy light light
Proceeded from them, and around
Beauty leaving summer
Embraced them hundreds of hands.
There were ognelikie Cannes,
How wine glasses with a bloody,
And Columbines gray plumes,
And daisies in gold crown.
In anticipation of the inevitable grief,
In anticipation of autumn minutes
Short-term joy sea
Surrounded lovers here.
And they are inclined to each other,
Homeless children nights,
Silently walked along the flower circle
In the glare of the electric ray.
A car was standing in the darkness,
And motor awe hard,
And the driver smiled wearily,
Leaving out the cab window.
He knew that the summer ends,
That fit rainy days,
That long since their song sung,-
The fact that, fortunately, they did not know.


swore to you-to the grave

You swore-to the grave
Be my sweet.
Recovering himself, both
We have become wiser.
Recovering himself, both
We realized suddenly,
What happiness to the grave
It would not be my friend.
Varies swan
Water on the flames.
However, to the ground because
And it float away.
Again lonely
Zableschet water,
And she would look in the eye
Night Star.


I saw in a dream a juniper tree.

I saw in a dream a juniper bush.
I heard metal crunching away.
Amethyst berries I heard ringing.
And in the dream, in silence, I liked it.
I sensed his sleep faint smell of resin.
Tilting low these trunks,
I noticed in the dark tree branches
A little hint of a smile of your living.
Juniper tree, juniper bush,
The cooling babble choppy lips,
Easy talk, barely turns the resin,
Prokolovshy me deadly needle!
In the golden heavens outside the window of my
Clouds float by, one after another.
Leafless my garden lifeless and empty ...
Yes, God forgive you, juniper bush!


In the movie

Tired after work,
Just outside the windows became dark,
With an expression of severe concern
You came for some reason in the movie.
Auburn small in brown frock coat,
As always, knocking out power,
Weaving with pop some bullshit
And mediocre and boring jokes.
And looking at him when you
And looked into his sharpness,
Expressions severe concerns
Not away with your face.
In the lower hall filled with thick,
You watched everything on the screen,
Which tried in vain to art
By the truth of life priputat deception.
Concerned features have not changed
Destiny ghostly, flat people,
And you managed to barely
To compare them with his life.
Lonely, slightly graying,
But still youthful in appearance,
Who are you? And what a loss
Still afflict your heart?
Where is your friend, your only cute,
Accessory distant spring,
Who filled the vital force
Homeless heart of his wife?
Why it is not present with you?
Does he died in battle
Or, cut off from the house by fate,
Lost in the distant land?
B where he was, but at that moment
Here, in the movie, I`m sure again:
Infinitely human patience,
If the heart does not go out love.



zatselovali, bewitched,
With the wind in the field once wed,
All you if in shackles chained,
Precious my woman!
Not funny, not sad,
Like a dark sky descended,
You and my song Obruchalnaya,
And my star crazy.
I tend to over your knees,
Hug them with the power of the Furious,
And tears and poems
Anneal you, bitter, sweet.
Open to me the person midnight,
Give enter into these eyes heavy,
In these black eyebrows east,
In these thy hand half-naked.
That will be added-will not be lowered,
That will not come true-will be forgotten ...
Why are you crying, my beauty?
Or is it just me fancies?


slowly earth rotation ...

Slowly earth rotation
Aside, unusual for her,
Dramatically illuminated with white light,
Highlight a lot of lights.
Star sat down astronomers
For pipes of iron and glass:
Exuding lightning and thunder,
Flame planet has expired.
And throughout the universe flew
A lot of charred particles,
And my body melted
Palo, bloodied, prostrate.
And the flower in the garden Marsianka
Rose, blazing like a bonfire,
And a piece of unknown coinage
Stretched out like a heart.
The world is like a harp polychord:
Only string zadenesh-and immediately
Someone from above, joyful and youthful,
Look carefully at us.
Red Mars shines the eyes wildly,
Thinned iron circle planets.
Heart heart to respond in time,
If only the heart believed in response.

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