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Does masturbation affect the mental and spiritual activity?

2017-09-11 00:00:00

The views of scientists on this issue affect his contradictory. So, H. Ellis has personal information on a number of well-known people with extraordinary abilities who indulged in excessive masturbation.

Fyurbringer tells of a scientist who in the early heavily involved in childhood masturbation and even marriage is not to get rid of numerous returns masturbation. This did not prevent him to preserve good build and demonstrate an amazing performance in teaching and research work. And Kurshmana knew a young and capable scientist who strongly masturbate 11 years of age, while preserving the physical and mental vigor.

The famous physiologist Brown-Sequard recommended to strengthen brain activity following means, the effectiveness of which was confirmed for several years on two regions 45 and 50 they cause at strong sexual arousal whenever they had to enhanced mental or physical work. Testes acquires a greater functional strength, followed by the desired stimulation of the nerve centers Swordsmen.

Some authors have noted, on the other hand, adverse effects masturbation on brain activity. Thus, according to the Trinity and Feret, masturbation entails him a sharp drop in memory and attention.

By H. Ellis, medical authorities agree that Masturbation can impair mental abilities by memory impairment and depressive effect on the intellectual energy.

Especially convincing in this regard can only be study of mental work masturbators compared to non wankers.

Pussep has made such a study in the same school in which studied children of factory workers. Of the 111 school students aged 11-17 years, knowingly betray masturbation, it was 26 people. In determining the percentage of their class and age revealed that the number of masturbators increases not only in class but also by age.

The experiments were performed as follows. All students a certain class of leaflets were distributed with pre-printed on them task. Leaflets were distributed disciples so that the problem was on the back side. On the clean side of the sheet each student put down the experiment, class, and your first and last name. The tasks given to the addition, subtraction and multiplication. It was found that a relatively high percentage of correct responses was by the students 11-12 years, indulged in masturbation, compared to students not to indulge masturbation. Survey of teachers found that these students are much more alive impressionable and even smarter than other students. However, a year later, these students have not made such a favorable impression and is no longer considered best in class. Pussep conclude that mental activity in masturbators weakened with age. This attenuation is particularly noticeable in 15 years of age. Later mental activity increases again. Author recognizes, however, that it is impossible to resolve these issues in such a little material as it possessed. Furthermore, it should be mind that the above conclusions were only notorious masturbators compared with their friends, but because among the latter could be almost 100% hidden masturbators.

As for the effect of masturbation on creativity, the Anstey noted the connection between masturbation and hasty, unsuccessful works in literature and art. On the contrary, H. Ellis, excesses in masturbation common among these men and women whose literary works is neither hasty nor unsuccessful. So, about the famous German poet Lenau report however, is refuted by several times that he was a young years masturbate and that this habit is strongly influenced his life and work. Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes in his excellent Confessions he, timid in nature and prone to fantasy, in his life is uedinёnnoё main sexual satisfaction in masturbation: In the 16 years I have been restless, distracted dreamer. I was crying, sighing, I wish you happiness, which had concept, but the absence of which I felt. For 19 years and the restless temperament finally showed up. His first completely involuntary expression caused alarm in my he alth, which is better than all other draws innocence, where I lived until then. I soon calmed down and learned that dangerous substitute that deceives nature and saves young people with my mood disorders, many at the expense of he alth, strength, and sometimes life. This defect is so easy to shame and timidity, is very attractive for living imagination. He gives, so to speak, to have an opportunity, at its discretion all floors and makes serve his pleasure beauty that lures, without the need to get it recognized. Tempted by this fatal advantage, I worked on the destruction of strong constitution, which nature gave me, and which I have given time well-formed Rousseau, , Confessions of Paris, 1856, p. 100.

It seems that Goethe also indulged in excessive masturbation for some time. It can be concluded from the next location in Truth and Poetry , where he talks about his stay in student years in Leipzig, namely the time after falling out with Anna: I sought all sorts of ways to please her, to give her pleasure, because he could not give up hope to regain her love. But it was too late! I really lost it and fury with which I revenged himself for his mistake, And I, attacked various unreasonable ways to their physical nature, in spite of a spiritual nature, largely impact on those physical ailments for which I lost some of the best years of my life. I may even be completely would perish from this loss, if I did not helped here poetic talent with his healing powers Goethe, From my life. Truth and Poetry . Part two, the seventh book.

There are further reports that were wankers German poets Kleist and Nissel. Some authors, such as Lombrozo, believe that Gogol was onanist. Professor VF Czyz, who has spent the disease Gogol special monograph considers it unproven. According to him, the legend of masturbation Gogol created because he had no love interests, or ideal, nor coarse. Hence concluded that he indulged in masturbation. But it overlook the fact that there are people with abnormal organization of the nervous systems in which sexual desire or completely absent, or so weak, that these people are not Masturbates and do not have sexual hobbies. By Chizh, Gogol it belonged to such natures with very weak sexual sense, ie. e. different sexual hyperesthesia.

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