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We mentioned above that frequent masturbation is a consequence of neurasthenia. But it is also sometimes one of the causes of masturbation. In these When should I start treatment with masturbation treat neurotic state patient. Usually there is help drugs bromine camphor, valerian. Preparations of bromine are useful because several depress libido, lower general nervous excitement, induces sleep and thus help the patient in his struggle with the desire for masturbation. However, bromide should be given with caution. When given in too much and too long, they can temporarily totally destroy libido and impair the ability to erection. A similar effect can greatly upset the patient and have a detrimental effect on his confidence in the doctor.

I usually prescribe bromine as follows:

Rp. Infus. herb. adonid. vernal. e 4,0: 180,0

Natr. bromat. 6,0

Syr. rubi idaei 20,0

M. D.S. four times a day on a tablespoon for children tea, dessert spoon

or :

Rp. Infus. rhiz. valerianae e 10,0: 200,0

Natr. bromat. 8,0

M. D.S. three times a day on a tablespoon of tea for children or dessert spoon.

Or give a combination of bromide s alts, for example:

Rp. Natr. bromat.

Kalii bromat. Ana 0,5

Ammon. bromat. 0,25

M. f.p. t. dos. № X in tablett

S. 2-3 tablets per day.

You can also give sabromin, four tablets of 0.5 per day; bromural three tablets per day to 0.3; bromalbin three capsules a day, 0.3; sedobrol, 1-2 tablets in a glass of hot water; Adamon, 2-3 tablets per day, and t. e.

Children are bromide s alts, respectively, in smaller doses. For example, a boy of 10 years can be given:

Rp. Camphor. monobromat. 0,1

Kalii bromat. 0,3

M. f.p. d.t. dos. № X in capsul amyl.

S. Morning and evening for one wafer.

Robinson recommends giving bromides with adrenaline, due to that the latter has a very thin and thus action neutralizes the inhibitory effect of bromides.

Kraft-Ebing appointed odnobromistuyu camphor in suppositories, sometimes in combination with extr. belladon. aquos.

In some cases it is useful glycerophosphates, arsenic, iron.

When masturbation in women should bear in mind the possibility of nymphomania. This is a condition characterized by increased sexual desire, easily leads to masturbation. It is necessary to carefully remove all the local events, which can cause itching in the genital parts, as vulvitis, vaginitis, eczema and so on. n. We must be aware of the common causes of itching in women, especially diabetes. Nervous and excited girls can prescribe medications bromine and opium, for example:

Rp. Strontii bromati 10,0

Extr. opii 0,05

T-rae hyoscyami 2,0

Sirup. cort. aurantii 90,0

M. D.S. Dessert spoon at night.

Or give a spoonful of the following medicines:

Rp. Kalii bromati 4,0

Vitell. ovi unius

Camphorae 0,25

Aq. dest. c. sacchar. 190,0

M. D.S.

When insomnia added chloral hydrate:

Rp. Chlorali hydrati

Strontii bromati aa 5,0

Extracti hyoscyami

Extracti opii

Extracti cannabis indicae aa 0,15

Sirup. cortic. aurantii 100,0

M. D.S.

According to Steiner, perhaps, it would be to improve the conditions internal secretion masturbators use organotherapy on a larger scale, than has been done so far.

In Robinson, the people of devotional excesses in masturbation, there is deviation from the norm in the activity of the thyroid gland, is reflected in their intelligence and willpower. In these cases, thyroid preparations For internal use them have a good effect on the overall metabolism and on the mental abilities of patients. In prescribing these drugs caution is required. We must carefully monitor their effect. In general, their You can register only if the doctor can see the patient at least once a week. Robinson also gives extr. glanbul. pituitariae and Pituitrin. The results, he said, are good, but experience with this vehicle is still small.

I have not had to resort to organo masturbators.

It helps, then, warm baths-28 ° P., period of 15 minutes. I recommend taking them for some time of day, then every 1-2 days. These baths are perfectly calm nervous system.

On the other hand, it is undesirable local wash the genitals, because it is overly attracted attention to these organs. Robinson sees wash the bad side in that the subsequent drying of the genital organs can serve as a stimulus to masturbation. This argument seems to me to unconvincing, because after washing can dry them carefully sex authorities. However, it obsushivaniya just as harmful as any manipulation on genitals.

When nymphomania fiercely recommends to wash the vulva every night of the following liquids:

Rp. chlorali hydrati 2,0

Ap. laurocerasi 4,0

Aq. destill. 100,0

M. D.S.

or lubricants sex of the following ointment:

Rp. Cocain. muriat. 2,0

Vaselini albi 20,0

Ol. rosar. gtt. I

M. f. ungt.

It is recommended for nymphomania cold showers.

It goes without saying that should be avoided in males sex all that contributes to the appearance of an erection, as copious drinking at night, dense dinner before going to sleep, and so on. d.

The purpose of drug treatment is not particularly work for a doctor. But, unfortunately, they are one almost never fails confine. Much more difficult, but rewarding in terms of effect, the impact on the psyche of the patient`s physician. Medicine has for this purpose several methods: waking suggestion, hypnotism, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis.

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