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Hostile partners

2017-12-28 00:00:00

Hostile partners

It is often argued that the main reason for marriage is not sexual satisfaction and procreation and mutual respect, friendship or even love.
But, alas, is not always. In some cultures, even in those where strictly enforced monogamy, marriage is considered only a means of giving an opportunity to the desire to make love and beget children to secure offspring. In some countries, a husband and wife, in fact, complete strangers who did not know about each other. So, the South Slavs gave their daughters to men who are never seen in the eyes. Here`s what I wrote on this subject G. Sumner in 1906: & laquo; Woman appears in a strange house ... custom forbids her to come when she so desires, to her husband, who almost did not see the whole day, but, nevertheless, it has the right to communicate freely with his brothers, the best man at her wedding. The elder brother, if he is already married and if it relates to politely pointed out, could be her best friend & raquo ;.
The wedding ceremony in these areas was not a happy occasion, but only sank in hopeless sorrow of both partners. Custom required that throughout the ceremony the groom did not take anything in your mouth and not even talking & laquo; because of shame & raquo ;, and the bride ordered all beluga roar time when her & laquo; dressed for the wedding & raquo ;.
Such hostile relations between the marriage partners were typical for the Circassians & mdash; people inhabiting the Caucasus. Wife was ashamed for the whole day talking to her husband, so they talked only under the cover of night. Her husband was forbidden to go to his wife during the day, it was considered improper, as the fact that they could see the two of us outside the house or someone found them in peace talks.
Such practices are strictly observed and in several regions of the South Pacific. For example, in some parts of Melanesia and Polynesia husband, in fact, did not support his wife no contact, just maybe, at night. Each of them led an isolated life. Many wives had a separate house, and they never even ate with their husbands. Property between husband and wife was split.

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