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The Baroness Strahl pose for sex

2017-10-10 00:00:00

This position is also very simple and is moving from pose "Amazon". In this position, as in the above, an active role for women, men in this position plays a passive role. This position is suitable for motion partner and leads to stimulation of the cervix. The vagina is also not without intense stimulation. To get an orgasm in this position, the woman must be very sensitive. The culmination of this position is a vaginal orgasm. Since the clitoris in this position almost not stimulated, then without additional stimulation a woman can not get a clitoral orgasm.
As we have said, this position can move from pose "Amazon". The man lies on his back with legs pushed together. A woman sits on the man, his back to him and puts his phallus into the vagina. When the women`s movement up and down is stimulated posterior vaginal wall and, as we have said, the cervix. For more stimulation and more quickly achieve orgasm, a woman can not only move up and down, but also a bit of back and forth. Member of the partner can afford to make it such movements. When performing these movements, increases the threshold of stimulation and the lower third of the vagina. It is recommended also to make a circular motion pelvis. These movements woman pleasure not only themselves, but also their partner. When such a motion is rejected member of the men a little forward, and it can stimulate the onset of orgasm with a partner. This movement should make in the case when a woman feels that close to orgasm.
Since the woman`s hands remain free, it can caress of her breasts. You can caress his chest with one hand, and the other to stimulate the clitoris. If a woman wants to give pleasure and your partner, it could spur him to action, his hand caressing testicles partner.
Partner, in turn, must do everything in his power to a woman an orgasm. For this, he can use his hands. Them he can caress the back of his partner. slightly inclined to his partner, he can also caress her breasts hands.

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