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Maharaja pose for sex

2017-08-14 00:00:00

This position is similar to the attitude of "Baroness Strahl," just a little woman in her position changes. In this position, she again played an active role. A shift in this position of posture "Baroness Strahl." Pose "Maharaja" promotes more rapid production of orgasm as a woman and a man. It is mainly used by women who prefer to be active in bed and are capable alone to bring the male orgasm. Usually, this position precede the affection and fellatio. A woman must prepare very well the penis of his partner, before the introduction of the vagina.
The man lies on the edge of the bed, his legs dangling, and parted them. Woman gets back to the man and sits on it by entering the phallus in the vagina. Up and down movement is stimulated not only the cervix, but the back wall of the vagina. In addition, strongly stimulated by the lower third of the vagina. Committed not only up and down movement, but also a circular motion pelvis, female pleasure and your partner. Frictions should be performed slowly at first, but as you get closer to orgasm, a woman can increase the pace and range of motion. Do not be afraid of using this pose such movements, men like them very much, and quickly bring them to orgasm.
If the woman leaned forward slightly and down, the voltage will increase penile blood flow and partner, which is already weakened, almost stopped, and the phallus, mainly his head slightly increase. In addition, as we have said, such a movement can very quickly lead partner to orgasm.
Since the woman`s hand in this position, remain free, it can stimulate excitement partner, massaging his testicles. In addition, in order to achieve other than vaginal orgasm and clitoral, a woman can stimulate the clitoris hand. In this position, the woman is completely control the situation, and can regulate the introduction of the phallus not only their movements. If she wants to penis partner did not go deep, and stimulated the lower third of the vagina, which is very sensitive, it can make your arm behind your back and squeeze the base of the phallus. Thus, the penis will go only half way and stimulate the lower third of the vagina. A woman can squeeze a little harder phallus hand to completely stop the outflow of blood from it. Head of the penis partner will increase in size and moving into the vagina bring a lot of pleasure a woman.
A man with his hands can perform stroking back and squeeze buttocks partner. Usually, in this position, first woman gets an orgasm, but can be achieved in order to obtain simultaneous orgasm.

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