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In bed with Dandy pose for sex

2017-08-16 00:00:00

This position, though, and has the name came to us in ancient times-from the East. In it, as in the previous posture play an active role both partners. However, a man plays a more active role. This position is quite simple and does not require a great knack partners. To her, usually resorted after foreplay, when the partners lie on their sides. For men, this position is convenient for the fact that he was in full control of the situation, and he can adjust the depth of the introduction of the phallus. Woman, though active in this position, but is more concerned with itself, since it lies back to the partner.
As we have already mentioned, after the foreplay, the man lies on its side. His partner, too, lies on her side and pressed against the man. Leg, which lies on the bed she has between his legs, and put the other foot on the man on top, slightly bending it at the knee. Thus, the vestibule opens, allowing the phallus partner freely inside. However, a woman should own hand enter the penis, as a man is not very convenient. The man begins to make smooth movements back and forth, gradually increasing the pace to average. Woman, basically, makes oncoming traffic to member penetrated a little deeper.
If a man falls below, the penetration will be deeper. When moving the phallus into the vagina, is stimulated T-point and the lower third of the vagina. This greatly stimulates the excited woman. For a more comfortable position, the man can take a woman`s leg, which is located on it, and when moving forward, even more pressed to his partner.
The hand that is on top of the body of the partner, the man can caress the vestibule with the clitoris. Caressing the clitoris, the partner should be very careful and gentle, so as not to hurt the woman. Hand that is on the bed, he can caress the woman`s breasts. At this time, the partner may itself stimulate the clitoris. Slightly turning his head and upper body to the man, the woman will be able to respond to his kisses.
This position can also be used when engaging in anal sex. This requires that the woman was very excited. In addition, if the sex is unusual for a couple, you should use a good lubricant to member could penetrate into the anus without a strong friction. Member of the anus should be introduced very cautiously and not more than the head, so as not to cause a woman pain. Only then can a man be able to achieve the desired result. Hands, he can caress the clitoris, not only women, but her vagina. Usually, anal sex in this position is designed so that the partner was able to please a woman.
The next pose, we want to offer you, in spite of its simplicity, will bring you a lot of pleasure.

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