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Horoscope intimate relations

2017-10-12 00:00:00


Born under the sign of Aries-a man with an unusually pronounced masculine character, and his behavior, he says this is absolutely unambiguous. In intimate contacts initiative belongs to him, he "beat to death" while their partner runs out of the last forces. He loves when a woman does not resist and do not ask too many questions. In bed he almighty lord, and it should be accepted without any objections! Its annoying women who are trying to impose their own rhythm, especially as it does not tolerate those who take on the role of "guide" through the maze of erotic experiences. This does not mean, horoscope intimate relationship What are your unexpected things to his liking, because he was always favorably refers to all kinds of surprises and can not stand routine. However, by and large, he considers himself created to fight the boredom, and if your partner does not have enough imagination, he takes care of everything. In intimate relationships Aries more satisfied if his fiancee would be a real woman-he, in turn, would be her real man. Erotic relations Aries sees as an arena where he could assert itself constantly in self-esteem and to convince them to his partner.


Taurus refers to people with huge erotic needs. He strongly believes that sex-the most true and perfect way to happiness, one of the most precious gifts of nature. Therefore, women who were interested in Taurus, can not be ignored, even if slightly, his physiological needs. You have to keep in mind when choosing him as his partner, you choose a rich and intense sexually life in which there is no place of eternal headache and even momentary discomfort. If you are really tired, ever deny his physical proximity, he immediately decides that you do not need more than what you do not love it, and found a lover. One is your fault-and it instantly feels insulted, rejected and very unhappy. Let`s not talk about that, if you do not possess a temperament to constantly strive for physical intimacy, the desire of your chosen one can create a lot of problems. If you`ve always dreamed of insatiable partner, be calm-it is with Taurus you will always feel satisfied in this respect.


For men twin intimate life at the same time and has, and does not make sense. On the one hand, everything that is not related to intelligence, in his opinion, does not deserve attention; on the other hand, he tries to quickly meet their physical needs. He is endowed with a rather mediocre temperament and can not understand why some people attach such importance to sex. He sees sex as a continuation of friendly relations between the sexes, although his imagination creates a lot of myths about physical experiences. Often, he is selfish and does not attach great importance to the feelings of your partner. He does not think about the fact that she needs through sex gives what he wants to give and take, or at least trying to take it all. Such a partner is always looking for diversity, the maximum strain your imagination, as always wants something new. Male Gemini will feel good with a woman endowed with a rich imagination, which he would never be bored.


To conquer the woman he is interested in, Leo may be prudent player, a great actor, alternately playing different roles depending on the circumstances. He knows how to intentionally cause their partner the most diverse feelings of pity, envy, jealousy, anger, even awaken maternal instinct, if there is a need, just to achieve the goal. He uses flattery, tact, curiosity-these methods dictated by the nature of the woman he was going to win. The methods of this fine game defined by its innate intuition and intellect-he knows exactly what to use in a particular situation. Sexual and spiritual love exist for himself alone and his beloved difficult to determine what a feeling it is to her experiences. Only tenderness he shows very rare, it can be a sign of affection and even deeper and more serious feelings. If it is not, the circuit of sexual behavior of male Lion becomes very simple: he is trying to subdue a woman in all respects, and reaching this goal, gradually loses all interest in her, because the approach is the next object of adoration ... If you manage to constantly fueled his interest, surprising in bed with new ideas, he again wants to discover the secrets of the female soul again and gain power over it.


The man born under the sign of Virgo, sex does not put forward in the first place. Of course, he knows that there is something that allows sex to survive many different physical sensations, but it is much more important spiritual communion. However, he realizes that for harmony in the field of emotional or psychological needs and erotic, so obey this. Often sex is for him the same meaning as other purely biological needs, such as food. Hence, the attitude to it as to the means necessary for good he alth. If he really love his erotic "enthusiasm" increases in proportion to the power of the senses, but even in this case the side of love for him is secondary. In order to feel like a real man, you must, in his opinion, to master all the great theoretical knowledge about the art of sex, so he conscientiously studying all sorts of books, manuals and magazines, where it comes to erotic life. Your task-to convince him that it is not necessary that you and so good with him, even if he prefers to just ... sleep in your arms.


Erotic life male Libra is not without certain essential principles. First of all, there can be no question of contacts that would have seemed to him only natural. Such a man, any signs of excessive in his view considers sensuality indelicate partner, which in itself can push him away. You must always remember: it refers to a woman as a delicate flower, and it is inconceivable that during intercourse his opinion has changed in this regard, it is better not to make an impression on him man experienced in matters of sex, and create the illusion that it is the first or in the extreme case, the second man in your life. No need to talk to him about it directly, it is enough to show shyness, uncertainty and even embarrassment This will strengthen his masculine "I"! You have to be both innocent, but the natural, timid, but just as well from time to time infinitely passionate.


The man born under the sign of Scorpio differs extraordinary sexual temperament. But sex for him is not an end in itself, it is equally important to him-and perhaps most importantly-to know the sexual behavior of women, their psychology and their weaknesses. He closely watches as manifested female sensuality-with attention the actions of the enemy. Impotence does not frighten him, but the dominance of the woman, her desire to play first violin causes fear. Therefore, his sexual conquest-equally triumph over women and experiment in the sexual area. He has unlimited physical abilities and varied erotic program, so his girlfriend, happy and satisfied, do not even know about the real motives of his conduct. After intimacy, lovemaking finals, which it would almost mystical sense of victory over a woman on Scorpio usually finds hunting talk. Let you not find this strange surprise talkativeness. The more that we are not talking about the weather: it is the only moment in the life of a scorpion, when he can blurt out all my secrets, unless, of course, this is not a casual acquaintance. Upon learning of his secret weaknesses, desires and preferences, you can use it in the future, as much as possible to bind to a partner.


A man Sagittarius-a great, fantastic, inventive lover who loves sex itself. His erotic talent enough for two, and he can easily find the best option relationship where both parties get the maximum satisfaction! He intuitively feels that currently pleasure his beloved, loves the love of the game, regardless of the seriousness of the relationship with the partner. For him, sex-it`s a way to keep their joyous and enthusiastic outlook on life, fight off fatigue and indifference away. From his partner Sagittarius expects the same attitude to sexual intercourse-half seriously and uninhibited. If you want to please him, I try to keep the intensity of the emotions and feelings of freshness. For him, it is more important than just a "technique" of sex, which, he believes, provides only a superficial satisfaction.


Sex plays a minor role in the lives of men of Capricorn. And not because the sensory experiences are alien or even repulsive act on it, they just do not occupy the highest place in his life. Most likely, it is difficult to separate the spiritual and sensual love-and it can not be carried away by strong woman, if not real, deep love. He has a little erotic experience-he rarely falls. But if we meet on the way a woman awakened in him a desire, it will deal exclusively with it, regardless of the degree of the depth of his feelings. Ladies` man it can not be called, and any, including physical, betrayal repugnant to him. In the intimacy he laid out with a complete physical and emotional impact. But if he failed to meet a woman that can cause sexual desire, then he goes to physical intimacy only for the sake of he alth and wellness. So think myself that made your partner make love to you ...


The nature of Aquarius-a mixture of medieval chivalry and ultra-modern views. Accordingly, his claim to the partner explained one or the other extreme. Despite his love for surprises, the introduction of the men of the woman are not associated with the refined sensuality, but rather stereotypical image of the girl and the expectant mother. Because of its low-key temperament sex and erotic experiences occupy not the most important thing in his life. horoscope intimate relationship Therefore, you should not be in this respect any complexes: even if you`re not around sootvetstvuesh his expectations, it does not result for a more or less important consequences. Aquarius pays more attention to theory, not practice sex, prefers to talk about the ideal positions rather than make love. It happens that love and sex are incompatible for him. Sometimes he loves a woman, to which never even touched; and vice versa, his sexual partner may not cause him any feelings. In truth, sex has its value, and it is not too much, just in case of serious emotional enthusiasm.


Your choice refers to the number of people who prefer to be led by the hand along the path of intimate relationships; they do not show in this initiative on their part, but this is what to expect from men, most women. Therefore, it will feel good with only one partner who knows their erotic needs and is able to obtain from the man that she needs, tactfully and delicately hinting to him for it. If you belong to those women who are not experiencing difficulties in this sense, you will perfectly complement each other. If you expect from it typically male, animal behavior, if you have a limited erotic imagination and for any good you would not dare to show that that is capable of, then in bed you provided deadly boredom. Man-fish leads to the excitation of all unconventional bed of love, he loves to move beyond the limits, and any piquancy it captures and fascinates. However, although it is not aware of this report, sex is important for him also because it enables you to get close to a woman emotionally. Hugging her friend, he not only physically feel her warmth, but also feels a connection of souls. And in fact it is the most important thing for him ...

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