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Slaves love pose for sex

2017-12-26 00:00:00

After the man and woman are married, they begin their honeymoon. At this time, they try as best we can get to know each other. And when, if not during lovemaking and especially during love games can not only plenty to admire the body of a loved one, but also to meet his sexual preferences?
As a man and a woman can caress the body clock lover or lover, to find him her a large number of erogenous points, as well as using the shift key to see what your loved or loved most pleasant.
Pose "Slaves of Love" is also intended to diversify the sexual relationship and find out what the partner most like.
The woman lies across the bed so that her buttocks slightly hanging off the bed. It is widely spreads her legs and pulls his knees to his chest. Man becomes the bed legs spread wide so that the buttocks of women were between his legs. Hands, he pushes the labia women and careful not strong shocks introduces his penis into the vagina. After that, it compresses the legs buttocks and women, tilted slightly forward, rests his hands on the bed.
A man carries frictions. Movement can be back and forth, and can oscillate from side to side or rotational. The woman also should not remain passive movements of the pelvis, it can help yourself and your partner to reach the peak of pleasure.
The man is unable to further stimulate the clitoris partner, but he can fondle her breasts and inner thighs.
A woman must not forget that it should always be sexually attractive to your partner. Sexologists say that full nudity is not acting so attractive and exciting as partially naked body. In addition, when a woman is at least one piece toilet, it makes a man turn on at full power your imagination.
Therefore, women need to think about beautiful lingerie, sheer stockings, belts, which are particularly popular with her lover. Even a thin gold chain on his ankle in a woman can bring a man highly.

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