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Genitals women
At cunnilingus contact caressing mouth occurs mainly with external female genital organs, however, the internal sex organs are also involved in the intimate act of intimacy, because react with all a woman`s body for an erotic impact.

ZONE stimulation during oral sex GENITAL WOMEN
The body and the hood of the clitoris head The body and hood clitoral glans are stimulated or surface language "ring the bell", or with the seizure of their lips and rhythmic movements by type of stimulation of the body of the penis with a closed head "contraction-relaxation" in combination with a light even biting.

Cunnilingus, or Kiss orchid
Cunnilingus cunnilingus, from Lat. Cunnus-vulva-and lingo-licking, synonyms lambitus, kumbitmaka-is oral contact with the male female genitalia.

What is a sperm
In the process: What is semen? Sperm-mature male sex cells size 0, 005 mm, can fertilize the egg-have a head, middle and tail for movement. During adulthood testicles produce sperm male at 1000 cells per second-30 billion per year.

Annilinktsiya or Crimson Kiss
Annilinktsiya rimming, annilingus, from Lat. Anus-anus-and lingo-lick-stimulation of the tongue and lips anal area-the perineum and anus. The Arabs called the anus "pomegranates", probably indicating the similarity of wrinkles, rays of running up the sides of the tightly closed anus, with some parts of the fruit.

"69», or French love
"69" from the French. L`amour croise-cross love French love-sided oral-genital contact both minette and cunnilingus. The position of mutual oral sex has been called the position "69" because of the similarity of the inverted positions of the bodies-face to the genitals of each other.

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