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Category Sex positions  

The last monk of Tibet pose for sex
This position is a bit like the previous one, but it changes the position of partner, and the partner plays an almost passive role, that is, in this position, it only works hands.

In Wonderland pose for sex
If your partner rather impressive phallus, this posture can bring you a lot of pleasure. It is a bit like a pose "Monk", but in this position a little man changes its position.

Caught in love pose
This posture is not in vain called a "prisoner of love." It is suitable for those couples who want to introduce their sex life more variety. The position of "prisoner of love" allows a woman to feel helpless individuals that won strong knight.

Horse Racing without obstacles pose for sex
This posture is likely to appeal to a couple who seeks to avoid monotony in sex. Of course, many lovers prefer long enough to give foreplay. No one denies the importance of touches, caresses and kisses, but sometimes it is not required to turn in the proximity of a ritual.

The Baroness Strahl pose for sex
This position is also very simple and is moving from pose "Amazon". In this position, as in the above, an active role for women, men in this position plays a passive role.

Hastily pose for sex
Many people catch the thoughts of Andreas Chernigov "action until the time provided an opportunity to love, but love takes courage and quick hands!", Have established for themselves certain rules of their own behavior in bed and try to use them as often as possible.

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