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Category Sex positions  

Pose for delicious sex
Sex exists as much as humanity exists, it is not surprising that for so long people have diversified its almost infinite number of positions for sexual intercourse.

Leg playfully pose for sex
This position enables lady caress his friend not only his hands, but his foot. This position as the previous one can be a primary or transition in coitus.

Cleft love pose for sex
women in a pose "on all fours". Man kneeling behind inserted into the vagina of women as members and covers the buttocks partner with their feet.

Live broadcast posture
But this position is likely to appeal to most couples. It is particularly attractive to men. During intercourse, carried out in this position, the man does not see the woman`s face, but he could see her genitals and watch how committed the sexual act, which is very strong winds man.

Belt pose
"Belt" posture also involves the use of sex in the belt. But in this case do not need to tie the hands or feet partners of the belt just make a ring and strengthen it on the headboard or wall.

In bed with Dandy pose for sex
This position, though, and has the name came to us in ancient times-from the East. In it, as in the previous posture play an active role both partners. However, a man plays a more active role.

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