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Medicating, organotherapy, hydrotherapy masturbation
We mentioned above that frequent masturbation is a consequence of neurasthenia. But it is also sometimes one of the causes of masturbation. In these When should I start treatment with masturbation treat neurotic state patient.

Does masturbation affect the mental and spiritual activity?
The views of scientists on this issue affect his contradictory. So, H. Ellis has personal information on a number of well-known people with extraordinary abilities who indulged in excessive masturbation.

The effect of masturbatory act on the body
In studying the effect masturbatory act on the body we interested in both subjective and objective effects of such an act. Malyarevsky gives an interesting excerpt from the confessions of one onanist, which describes in detail the subjective phenomena accompanying masturbatory act: When I was alone in my room, and I for some reason occurred to me that I could give myself now small fun , when I thought of it began to feel like gradually lost self-control and ability to consciously be taken to ensure that I was going to do. Similarly fog covered and enveloped my I . I felt an irresistible attraction, appearing from somewhere, grew and took possession me. I felt like my physical I gets out of my will.

Can masturbation cause homosexual attraction?
Some authors argue that habitual masturbation practiced alone or together, can lead in individuals of both sexes to sex perversions, is homosexuality.

The possible impact on the psyche of masturbation
The natural world onanist The natural world is for us onanist exceptional interest. Vivid description of it, although greatly exaggerated, we find in the English essay doctor Levy, published in 1748: A lot of people indulge in masturbation even earlier than the time to learn all the horror of it all heavy physical effects of it. Soul experiences all the suffering of the body, especially those which are derived from this source.

Technology masturbation in males
Children emerged from infancy, and up to three years masturbatory techniques are the same as in the first year of life. Boys, apparently, often do not always play an erect penis with his hand in his pocket panties.

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