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Texts parting Man
*** H o one knew her sad secrets, Only he was silent and kept secret, Nobody knew, and he did not say. Its pages are soaked with tears, And I read between the lines of pain.

French kiss
French kisses are the highest expression of the art of love-it is impossible to convey the feeling that covers a person as he is connected to the loved one There are different techniques-there are gentle, friendly there, and there are those from which the head is spinning.

10 harmful myths about men
1. The path to a man`s heart is through his stomach This phrase is rooted in the consciousness of humanity, probably from the time of Adam and Eve. It would seem that it should finally go into oblivion, because we all know that most of the chefs-men, that in many families it is preparing a husband, or, at least, the couple do it one by one.

Horoscope first date with a girl
If you are going on a date with a girl, it is best to know beforehand about its prvychkah and its behavior. You can not even guess what the man she wants.

Farewell to a favorite-poems
*** C you understand us late, What keeps the shoulder separation. Pointless to always forgive One who flatters vanity. Loved you? Maybe .. Whether you loved another question. Water enough to float away On the waves of blackened tears.

Congratulations to the pope with the birth of his son
*** Born heir, son, congratulations! You and we wish him luck! You became Pope-is a joy for all, For this drink, perhaps, is not a sin! Let my son is growing by leaps bounds, And let gives joy, of course, he will, Well, we believe you will be the father, And happiness will come to your house certainly! © *** Great news-you become the Pope! Oh, how long have you been waiting for this! And now, my son finally appeared, Congratulate you, now you-the father! His good educated man, The character was so similar to the pope he. And good, Dad, let him be, And as beautiful and as strong! © *** Life is different now, Finally, you become a dad! About partying Forget you, Responsible moment has come! With his son, we congratulate you, We wish you happiness, And send a present, For son-do not mind us! © *** With the birth of a son we`ll Today, congratulations! Live now his loving We all wish you! Grow it, let him be Happy and he althy! Let it be strong and smart, All in the pope, the right word! © *** I sincerely wish you happiness, You and your son! Know exactly what good Dad will you tell him.

Download animated postcards
Beautiful pictures and postcards animatsionyye a guest on the forums blogs free download. Postcards-animation for loved ones and friends. To submit by mail or phone.

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