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As a woman of choice for men
In the world live, as you know, a lot of men, and everyone has his own opinion about what do women still have to like men. Every one hundred percent sure that his opinion in this largely complicated question only correct and is not appealable.

Poems with eroticism to favorite
*** D De-there, in the distance, For the polar star, Where I found you, And I found peace, Not hiding defect, Leaving Me, On the table boxes, Retaining happiness for the future.

Toasts about women
A Frenchman, an Englishman and a Russian are talking about marriage. -I installed in the bedroom recording equipment. I come from a business trip, I listen and learn what the wife,-said the Frenchman.

Does masturbation affect the mental and spiritual activity?
The views of scientists on this issue affect his contradictory. So, H. Ellis has personal information on a number of well-known people with extraordinary abilities who indulged in excessive masturbation.

Erotic poems to his beloved
*** L Yublyu your opinion Your touch And the wave of the hand with the word "no" Your taste ... and meeting the expectation And sadness already past years I love your smell And breathing And your voice with the word "yes" Your phone number and promise See You Around? Of Course! Yes! Holmster Victor *** K Ak amazing lights, Night city streets pleasant, How wonderful the stars shine, look, We like to dance together circling.

Congratulations loved the guy for 16 years
*** Beloved only sixteen, The whole life and happiness ahead. Manage to find, Manage to wait And vanity, not proglyadi. Light in the window beckoning light- And suddenly comes to you good luck.

Compatibility zodiac sign
Taurus: "month under oblique shines as the star burns in the forehead," What`s in love, that marriage has nothing to say, "All right!" What? Someone already Tried and cynically wry smile.

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