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Poems about love Valery Bryusov
*** last You do not know the words renunciation. Lower pensive gaze, Similarly, in the church you went to torment, Nude forgotten shame. All is full of constant sorrow, You leaned silently to the post,- And you crowned straw, And the stigma imposed on the forehead.

Toast for women in prose
Seeing the tree beautiful woman pluck pears, a famous philosopher said, "Oh, if all the trees have brought such beautiful fruit, like this one! "He was referring, of course, pears, and beauty.

Confessions of a loved one in love
*** With me you`re around-and things Go well, like clockwork When you saw I realized-as life is beautiful! After all, you`re the man, That every day my adorns And let pass a century You only see not interfere! *** Tell me what`s bothering you, What hurts your soul? I`ll soothe anxiety, You just look me in the eye.

Pictures from the cartoon Masha and the Bear
New pictures of Masha and the Bear gags and inscriptions. Send a postcard to friends in a social network or e-mail, be fun, but charmingly sweet in the form of Wives of Masha. HTML-code to paste into your website or blog: & Lt; a href = "http://dating-sed.

Pictures of love and passion
Images of love and passion. Stunning, sensual pictures showing the whole of human passion and tenderness.

Congratulations sister from brother Happy Birthday
*** to move to various locations. Parents sighed matured. You, as before, believe the miracles. My whiskey little grayer. But, as before, on the birthday of your You, sister, fraternal embrace.

Family Pose for sex
This position means the maximum body contact. It is most common among couples who live together for a long time. The woman lies on her side with his back to the man, his arm around her waist, and she also embraces the hand, partners entwine each other feet.

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