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Erotic poems for your favorite girls
*** I I want to seduce you very slowly, To you very much I wanted, And I`m at the right time came, of course, And pat until the morning your young body! I want to seduce you very nicely, To always wanted to continue the very! And I kindled a passion in you slowly, And we know very little for the passion with you was the night! I want to seduce you very gracefully, I hope you feel the queen herself! And again I gave you joy and happiness, And the moment when you screaming with passion! I want to seduce you very skillfully, You to refuse now failed! And whispered in his ear softly, "You are my!» When raced with thee to me we are home! Here you are near, you, seducing, silently, You know how much I want you! *** T s lying in the seductive pose, On the side, all naked! I`m sorry I came so late.

Postcards goodnight to favorite
Send your beloved boyfriend bright, brilliant, good picture goodnight wishes. Animated cards on your mobile phone. Goodnight wishes in the cards. HTML-code to paste into your website or blog: & Lt; a href = "http://dating-sed.

Congratulations to his wife on March 8
*** The eighth of March-Women`s Day And joyful spring day. Let it will be bright and clear, And the sun does not go into the shadows! I wish you a joyful smile, Attention to their relatives, Always love the most-in the first place, And be loved-Second! *** Let it be said that this day Men are hard to survive.

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