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Poems about love Nicholas Z
*** The Last Love machine trembled and became, Two out of room in the evening, And on the steering wheel down wearily Exhausted by the work of the driver.

Poems favorite guy from February 23
*** Darling, darling, on the Day of War- With the February holiday you! Such beautiful, burly, How do you give birth to the earth, loving.

Funny toast
What is different from the tale were? Tale-this is when he married a frog, and she was a princess. A true story-this is when the contrary. So let us drink to the fact that your life was like a fairy tale! *** A certain joker got the New Year fur coat and beard of Santa Claus.

The effect of masturbatory act on the body
In studying the effect masturbatory act on the body we interested in both subjective and objective effects of such an act. Malyarevsky gives an interesting excerpt from the confessions of one onanist, which describes in detail the subjective phenomena accompanying masturbatory act: When I was alone in my room, and I for some reason occurred to me that I could give myself now small fun , when I thought of it began to feel like gradually lost self-control and ability to consciously be taken to ensure that I was going to do. Similarly fog covered and enveloped my I . I felt an irresistible attraction, appearing from somewhere, grew and took possession me. I felt like my physical I gets out of my will.

Congratulations on linen wedding 4 years married
On the festive table must attribute must linen tablecloths and beautiful candles. To the present day came the custom of giving the day a small bunch of blooming flax or dried snopiki.

Poems son birthday greetings
*** Son, your holiday today! You wish with all my heart, I hope you all could get, I hope you had a happy, son! You`re smart, brave, it means, Throughout the`ll get you good luck! *** As you wish, my son? He alth, happiness and good luck, And if there is a way cruel,- Do not be discouraged and do not cry.

Leg playfully pose for sex
This position enables lady caress his friend not only his hands, but his foot. This position as the previous one can be a primary or transition in coitus.

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